Static Unit Transfer Tariff


Dear customer,


Please be informed that during the shunting of static cargoes, tasks like unlashing, removal of the tarp etc. need to be performed by you.


Below table shows the service fees by tonnage scales. The fees may differ in case of unsuitable conditions (e.g. overtime) caused by the static cargo's specifications.


Reach Stacker handling fee is applied per unit, while forklift service fee is applied per hour.


Within the scope of Act no. 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety, your drivers' and /or your contracted staff's conformity to related    H&S rules and their precautions are under your responsibility. We would also like to inform you that we can only approve the feasibility of the handling after the unit's arrival to port facility and we reserve our right to make changes.


Our daily standard standage fees are applied for the units waiting at the yard. Roll trailer standage fees are not included in this tariff. Roll trailer standage fee is € 250 per day.


Fee Tariff (€)


0-10 tons 200

10-15 tons 200-300

15-20 tons 300-400

20-25 tons 400-500

25-30 tons 500-600

30-35 tons 600-700

35-40 tons 700-800



0-10 Standard fee: € 200.00

Above 10 tons (per ton) € 20.00


*Special fees apply for the units with exceptional dimensions.


Please inform your operational units accordingly.  



Best Regards,

DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit



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