Operational Information


Dear Customer,


Please note due to heavy weather on 11/11/2023, Myra Seaways could not berth as scheduled in Pendik.


Due to this delay - Pol Stella, which was planned to depart from Pendik on Sunday, 12/11/2023, is scheduled to depart today 13/11/2023, with a Patras call.


Assos Seaways, which was planned to depart from Trieste with a Patras call on Sunday, 12/11/2023, could not depart due to operational changes.


Next sailing from Trieste will be today 13.11.2023 with Galata Seaways, with a Patras call.


In addition please note that due to congestion in Trieste Port, there might be delays within vessel and fernetti light operations.


We will keep you updated.


We kindly ask you to inform your relevant operational units.

Best Regards,

DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit



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