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Dear Customers,
UN İSTANBUL ferry which departed on 08.12.2019 from Trieste for making Trieste-Patras-Ambarlı sailing will arrive to Pendik Port on 12.12.2019 Thursday midnight due to technical problem.
Due to technical problem, Pendik-Ambarlı-Patras-Trieste voyage which was planned on 11.12.2019 has been cancelled.
Pendik-Trieste departure of Ephesus Seaways which was planned on 10.12.2019 has been postponed to Wednesday afternoon.
UN PENDİK ferry which was planned for Pendik-Trieste sailing on 12.12.2019  will depart for making Pendik-Ambarlı-Patras-Trieste sailing. 
You can find the our current sailing schedule via the following link:
We kindly ask to inform your relevant units.

Best Regards,
DFDS Business Unit Mediterranean



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