DFDS Pendik Port has a parking area where for 530 TIR units. The port opened with a ceremony attended by many guests including Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdoğan and Ministers Kürşat Tüzmen, Kemal Unakıtan, Binali Yıldırım on April 29TH, 2006.

Transporters have gained 3 hours of driving time over Haydarpaşa for each trip, thanks to the Pendik Port which is built on 100.000 m² for U.N. Ro-Ro’s “Fast Ro-Ro Project”. Also the traffic caused by TIRs between İçerenköy and Haydarpaşa was prevented. Pendik Port has a Gamma-Ray Vehicle Inspection System to prevent illegal immigration and smuggling.

Transporters carrying Turkish imports are allowed to purchase tax-free fuel from the fuel station within the terminal since September 9, 2006. Pendik Port has been certified by Turkish Maritime Undersecretary under the ISPS regulation, and is an example for high-standard ports. The port also hosts the agency, customs, a restaurant and a market in the main building. DFDS owns and operates the DFDS Pendik Port.

DFDS Pendik Port has passed the formal assessments and received ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems—Requirements) certifications after certificate authority -Rina Turkey-'s inspection on March 17th and 18th, 2016.



DFDS operates with three scheduled sailings per week from Ambarlı Port on the European side of Istanbul to the Port of Trieste and one sailing per week from Trieste to Ambarlı. Thus, vehicles departing from the European side are provided to reach their final destinations in Europe without loss of time and money. With the initiation of Ambarlı line this attractive Ro-Ro transportation is offered for cargoes departing from Halkalı, Çerkezköy and Çorlu Custom Offices which also reduces traffic congestion at the highways and bridges of Istanbul. Due to the fact that it is the largest container port in Turkey, DFDS Ambarlı Port now has direct train connections via Trieste to nearly all destinations in Europe for your containers as well as your complete units and semi trailers.


The terminal founded on 80 thousand square meters has 500 trailer capacity and located in Yalova-Topçular. Yalova Terminal can accomodate 2 vessels at the same time on a single pier and has an X-Ray, customs building, agency offices, a social facility for the drivers, 16 thousand square meters of temporary storage area, an ADR warehouse and a laboratory. Currently there are four departures per week to Trieste.

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Trieste Port, located in Italy, is the north-most port in the Mediterranean and has a very large hinterland to west and central Europe. As one of Italy’s most important ports, the port is used for crude oil, Ro-Ro shipping, container and general cargo shipping. The port is based on a land area of 2.300.000 m². For further information:

DFDS’s secure access to the Port of Trieste is the basis of the ‘sea bridge’ between Turkey and the EU. The port’s features also bring critical responsibilities:
  • The ‘free’ status of the Port of Trieste –which is not available at any other Mediterranean port– offers a significant advantage to the DFDS customers.
  • The free, commercial port zone of Trieste is subject to a regime of extraterritoriality, pursuant to which the Italian government cannot limit the flow of international cargo passing through Italy, making it the ideal port for Europe-bound cargo traffic from the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Given the limited number of annual transit permits the Italian Government provides to Turkey, the ‘free’ status of the Port of Trieste is one of the key attractions for Turkish freight operators to use DFDS’s short sea shipping service.
DFDS vessels departing from Pendik and Mersin arrive at Riva Triana Terminal, which is operated by Samer Seaports Company. Samer has been working with Turkish firms as an agency and managing ports since 1987, beginning with D.B Deniz Nakliyat and continuing with U.N. Ro-Ro since 1993. By the end of 2013 U.N. Ro-Ro has accomplished its first foreign investment with acquiring 60% shares of Samer Sea Ports.

Riva Triana terminal is based on 98.000 m² and has 3 ramps for docking. An administrative building is located in the terminal for the agency and the customs. Also the Ro-La terminal between Trieste and Salzburg is located in the Riva Traiana Terminal. With additional investments Wels (ISU) and Bettembourg (Nikrasa) trains as well as Duisburg and Ludwigshafen trains have started to operate from the same terminal. Turkish Ro-Ro operators are fully utilizing the Ro-Ro terminals of Trieste due to frequent service and high traffic. Port of Trieste has an easy connection to European highways. Riva Traiana terminal is operated by Samer.

Samer Sea Port, DFDS’s subsidiary in Italy – Trieste has been awarded with OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems—Requirements) certification on December 11th, 2015  which certifies that occupational health and safety risk management are in place and being monitored.

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Mersin Ro-Ro line has a paramount importance for Turkey’s exports originating from the Eastern and Southeastern regions. The Mersin Port has railway connections to various industrial cities such as Gaziantep, Kayseri and Konya.

Mersin port is one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean Region and Turkey. Mersin Port was privatized and sold to Akfen-Port of Singapore Authority. For further information:

DFDS is located on the 19TH pier in the Mersin Port. The agency and the customs are located in the Mersin Passenger Hall. The parking lot on the 19TH pier has a capacity of 120 vehicles. Mersin Port has good connections to highways.

The second vessel has been put into service on 7 October 2009. Since then voyages to Trieste are on Wednesdays and Saturdays and voyages to Mersin are on Wednesdays and Sundays.
DFDS has established its Mersin-Trieste since March 2009. DFDS and Mersin International Port (MIP), started the first scheduled Ro-Ro trips from the Mediterranean Region to Europe. This service provides great advantages to importers-exporters and transporters based in Ankara, Konya, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Kahramanmaraş, Adana, Hatay and Mersin.


Port of Sete, which DFDS has served as of October 2, 2019, is located in 180 kilometers west of Marseille. Due to well-developed intermodal infrastructure and its strategic location closer to destinations such as France, Spain, UK, the port has been chosen by DFDS and customers.